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Hotel Housekeeping: Operations and Management

Author: G. Raghubalan, Smritee Raghubalan,

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ISBN : 9780199451746

Year : 2015

Binding : Paperback

Pages : 812

Weight : 0 Kg

Dimension (CM) : 18 X 24 X 2

Publisher Name : Oxford University Press

The third edition of Hotel Housekeeping: Operations and Management continues its endeavour to provide a comprehensive text to students of diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses in hotel management. The book discusses all important aspects of housekeeping such as role of housekeeping in hospitality operations; composition, care and cleaning of different surfaces; room layout and guest supplies; area cleaning; routine systems and records; as well as pest and odour control, uniforms, laundry, flower arrangement, interior decoration, indoor plants, lighting, and contract services. With its practice-oriented approach, the book will also be useful for housekeeping professionals and students of home science.

Chapter 1: The Hotel IndustryóAn Overview Chapter 2: The Housekeeping Department Chapter 3: Managing Housekeeping Personnel Chapter 4: Contracts and Outsourcing Chapter 5: Planning Housekeeping Operations Chapter 6: Daily Routines and Systems Chapter 7: Housekeeping Inventories Chapter 8: Composition, Care, and Cleaning of Different Surfaces Chapter 9: Hotel Guestrooms Chapter 10: Standard Contents of a Guestroom Chapter 11: Cleaning Guestrooms Chapter 12: Cleaning Public Areas Chapter 13: Supervision in Housekeeping Chapter 14: Housekeeping Control Desk Chapter 15: Budgeting for Housekeeping Expenses Chapter 16: Textiles Chapter 17: Linen and Laundry Operations Chapter 18: Uniforms Chapter 19: Sewing Room Chapter 20: Safety and Security Chapter 21: Ergonomics in Housekeeping Chapter 22: Pest Control and Waste Management Chapter 23: Internal Environment Chapter 24: Interior Designing Chapter 25: Interior Decoration Chapter 26: Facilities Planning and Facilities Management Chapter 27: Hotel Renovation Chapter 28: Flower Arrangement Chapter 29: Horticulture Chapter 30: Ecotels Chapter 31: New Property Operations Chapter 32: Changing Trends in Housekeeping

G. Raghubalan, Hospitality Consultant and Trainer


Smritee Raghubalan, Associate Professor, Department of Hotel Management, Garden City College, Bengaluru