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How to Change My Phone number?

You can change your phone number from the profile section after verifying it.

How can I check my saved address and how to do any modification in it?

You can check your saved address in the profile section and can also change it.

How to change Email address?

You can change your Email address from the profile section after verification.

How one can see saved payment details or change it?

You can easily see or change your payment details in the profile section on ED App only

How to Booka Service?

You can follow the instructions below to book a service on our app/website.

  • 1. Search for service you are looking forin the search bar.
  • 2. Open the category and follow the instructions as you proceed ahead.
  • 3. Once you are done with booking of service,you will get a confirmation SMS/email and professional will be assigned within 10-20min from the time of booking.
  • 4. Assigned professional will reach to the address given by you within 45minute to 1hour at the time of the booking and will deliver the service

Is there any feature to re-book the same professional if I like Their service?

Yes. If you rate their service with five stars rating, you will get an option to re-book the same professional for the next time.

How much do I havespend the minimum amount to book a service?

There is no limit on the minimum amount you spend on your booking.

Does EquaDoor Charge any cancellation fee?

The cancellation fee will be charged only if a professional reaches tothe address given by you. The cancellation amount will be shown when you proceed with a cancellation request

How to check Wallet Balance?

You can check your Wallet Balance in Profile section – ED Wallet.

How Can I use my cashback or ED Balance?

You can easily use your ED Balance at the time you confirm or pay your booking amount.

Can I Redeem my ED wallet amount in my bank account?

No. You can use your ED balance in pre-paid services only

Can I extend the validity of the rewards?

No. the validity of the rewards cannot be extended. Please use the rewards before their validity expire.

ED Gift Cards
What are the benefits of ED Gift Cards?

Gift Card members will save 10% to 15% on every booking additionally, for 3 to 9 months. They get access to top-rated professionals, ED Gift Cards professionals are a curated set of professionals who are top-ratedspecially trained, and experts in their field. ED Lite, Gold & Premium members will also get free repair visits upto Rs.250/- for all your repair needs.You can book a top-rated professional without paying any visiting fee. The fee for repairs will be charged as per the requirement.

What is the maximum discount I can get by using ED Gift Card?

There is no limit on the number of booking under the Gift Card. But as per our fair policy, the total discount you can avail is limited to 6 or 8 times the gift card price paid.

How can I buy a ED Gift Card?
  • 1. Search Gift card in search bar.
  • 2. Select gift variant and buy.
  • 3. After buying a gift card, it will take a few moments to proceed.
  • 4. You can see your gift card in profile> my gift card section.
  • 5. You can also buy a gift card during checkout. you will have an option between the lite/Gold/Premium gift card plans.

Can I buy Gift Card by cash on delivery?

No. the Gift Card Can only be activated when payment is made online only. Once the Gift Card is activated, you can place the next booking by using cash on delivery method as well.

Can I share my Gift Card with my family or friends?

No. Only you can avail benefits of ED Gift Card as it is linked with your account detail.

However, you can book the service for others from your account and still can receive the same benefitsby your name.

If you don`t have ED Gift Card and want to Get it, please go to the Profile section> My Gift Card and get your super-saving Lite/Gold/Premium Gift Card.

How do I cancel my ED Gift Card?

Once ED Gift Card is Activated, itCannot be cancelled.

Can I pause my Gift Card?

NO. OnceED Gift Card is Activated, it Cannot be Paused.

ED Care
Know more about safety and covid-19 measures

WE care about your safety, we are looking into all your security concerns.

All professionals are fully vaccinated.

Covid-19 testing of asymptomatic professionals.

Daily monitoring of body temperature.

How Can I check whether a professional is vaccinated?

On a booking screen, you can tap on the professional`s profile. On the profile page>you can view vaccination certificates and their temperature details.