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Food Safety

Author: Amitabh Ramachandran,

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ISBN : 9789395806350

Year : 2023

Binding : Paperback

Pages : 142

Weight : 0.35 Kg

Dimension (CM) : 14 X 21 X 1

Publisher Name : The Hospitality Press

Food Safety presents approaches for exposure-led risk assessment and the management of changes in the chemical, pathogenic microbiological and physical (radioactivity) contamination of ‘food’ at all key stages of production, from farm to consumption. This single book resource introduces scientific advances at all stages of the production to improve reliability, predictability and relevance of food safety assessments for the protection of public health. This book is aimed at a diverse audience, including graduate and post-graduate students in food science, toxicology, microbiology, medicine, public health, and related fields. The book's reach also includes government agencies, industrial scientists, and policymakers involved in food risk analysis.


1. Food Safety: An Introduction

• Issues

• Food Contamination

• Safe Food Handling Procedures (From Market to Consumer)

• Incidence

• Regulations by Jurisdiction and Agency

• Manufacturing Control

• Consumer Labeling

• Global Food Safety Initiative

• Benchmarking

• Recognition

• Conformity Assessment

• Industry Influence and Motivation

• Divided Opinion within GFSI

• International Food Safety Network

2. Food Safety for Infants & Toddlers

• Prevention

• Infant Formula

• Cow’s Milk

• Sanitizing Objects

• Solid Foods

• Handwashing

• Epidemiology

3. Food Preservation: Traditional and Modern Techniques

• Traditional Techniques

• Modern Industrial Techniques

4. Microorganisms and Foodborne Illness

• Causes

• Mechanism

• Epidemiology

• Society and Culture

• Feed Ban


• Canada

5. Food Irradiation: Technology and Application

• Uses

• Process

• Chemical Changes

• Industrial Process

• State of the Industry

• Standards and Regulations

• Historical timeline

6. Organisations, Culture & Food Safety

• Health Products and Food Branch

• Extraordinary Use New Drugs

• International Agreements

• Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore

• Safeguarding animal and plant health

• Promoting Agrotechnology

• Investment in Research and Development

• Protecting Endangered Wildlife

• Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

• Research and quality assurance

• Standards

• Consumer Outreach

• Applicable FSSAI License

• Projects

• Food Safety Institute of the Americas

• Food Standards Australia New Zealand

• International Association for Food Protection

• Institute for Food Safety and Health

• Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

• Extension

• Facilities

• Teaching

Amitabh Ramachandran is a Professor of Public Health, and also Visiting Professor of Nutrition. Amitabh Ramachandran is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Food and Nutrition. He research concerns the functional biology of endophytic microorganisms. He has published extensively on plant microbe interactions, polymer-based nanocomposites for food packaging, and related subjects.