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Fermenting Food

Author: Amitabh Ramachandran,

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ISBN : 9789395806473

Year : 2023

Binding : Paperback

Pages : 136

Weight : 0.35 Kg

Dimension (CM) : 14 X 21 X 1

Publisher Name : The Hospitality Press

Traditional fermented foods are not only the staple food for most of developing countries but also the key healthy food for developed countries. As the healthy functions of these foods are gradually discovered, higher throughput biotechnologies are being used to promote the fermented food industries. This book discusses the general aspects of biochemistry and biotechnological application of fermented foods involving acetic acid bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, ethanolic yeasts, and fungi in accelerating the many and variable functional factors in the fermented foods as well as metagenomics of fermented foods.


1. Introduction

2. Kefir and Tempeh

3. Natto and Kombucha

4. Fermented Dairy Products

5. Kimchi and Miso

6. Sauerkraut, Boza and Tibicos

Amitabh Ramachandran is a Professor of Public Health, and also Visiting Professor of Nutrition. Amitabh Ramachandran is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Food and Nutrition. He research concerns the functional biology of endophytic microorganisms. He has published extensively on plant microbe interactions, polymer-based nanocomposites for food packaging, and related subjects.