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Hospitality Dictionary

Author: Richard E. McKellar,

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ISBN : 9789395806091

Year : 2023

Binding : Paperback

Pages : 302

Weight : 0.5 Kg

Dimension (CM) : 16 X 24 X 2

Publisher Name : The Hospitality Press

The Hospitality Dictionary is the priority ally for every one of those working or concentrating on in the field of accommodation the board. It covers all that you really want to be aware, from a brief meaning of administrative center frameworks, to the executives bookkeeping and yield the board. It covers every one of the significant issues in the field of friendliness the board from both a sectoral level: Lodging Restaurants and Food administration Time-share Clubs Events. As well as a useful one: Accounting and Finance Marketing Strategic Management Human Resources Information Technology Facilities Management, Coffee, Tea, Wine, Beer and Drinks Terminology. Hospitality Dictionary, it is easy to understand format gives perusers fast and succinct responses across this different area of industry.


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Richard E. McKellar is an author, consultant and educator with more than 10 years of involvement in hospitality industry. He held several senior academic appointments in USA and other countries, advised a number of companies, as well as tourism, educational and other organizations. His published work includes 4 books and other publications and more than 20 contributions to the professional and technical press.