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The Geography of Wine

Author: Jens Eggers,

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ISBN : 9789395806176

Year : 2023

Binding : Paperback

Pages : 256

Weight : 0.5 Kg

Dimension (CM) : 16 X 24 X 2

Publisher Name : The Hospitality Press

Wine has been described as a window into places, cultures and times. Geographers have studied wine since the time of the early Greeks and Romans, when viticulturists realized that the same grape grown in different geographic regions produced wine with differing olfactory and taste characteristics. Geographers have technical input into the wine industry, with exciting new research tackling subjects such as the impact of climate change on grape production, to the use of remote sensing and Geographical Information Systems for improving the quality of crops. This book explores the interdisciplinary connections and science behind world viticulture.


1. Albanian, Algerian and Argentine Wine

2. Armenian Wine

3. Australian Wine

4. German Wine

5. Bulgarian, Indian, Azerbaijani, Belgian and Brazilian Wine

6. Chinese, Chilean and Canadian Wine

7. French Wine



Jens Eggers is a German winemaker located just outside Bernkastel in the Mosel wine region. He viewed viticulture from a global perspective and promoted the globalization of a quality wine industry. Jens Eggers collaborated with numerous scientists around the world and encouraged the importation of important clones and varieties in, Canada, Australia, and other countries.